Dear Trinity,
I recently discovered that I might be bisexual. I’ve been gay forever, but something inside of me is just suddenly very interested in the opposite sex. I don’t want to convert, I just want to try it. How do I start?
Bi-Lost, Buffalo, NY

Dear Bi -Lost,
The best way to start any new journey is to just do it. Just say hello to the opposite sex and see if you feel anything. Try it in the street, at a straight club or at a bisexual “mix and mingler” event, usually advertised in a nearby city’s “alternative” weekly or bi-weekly (I just had to say it) newspaper or gay rag. You can also google “bisexual groups” in your town. And, honey, if all else fails, hire an escort to give you an immediate taste of what you need or…may only need once. Good luck.

Trinity My Dear,
My minister keeps telling me that “My {gay} lifestyle is sinful,” and, if I “Don’t live under God’s rules, then I’ll suffer later!” But, Trinity, I’m a good person and my lifestyle is one of joy and love. What should I do?
Religiously Deserted, Ann Arbor, MI

tt_428_032715Deserted My Dear,
As I’ve said before, “If your doctor, lawyer, stock broker or minister is telling you things you don’t agree with than look elsewhere! Those who often preach “the” gospel often have their own agenda in mind, not yours! Remember, darling, God loves gays, especially our sense of style and decor. (My cartoon sure shows you how I raise my hair…oh, I mean head…high!)

Hello Trinity,
My girlfriend’s ex lover is very abusive, overly dramatic and keeps calling us at our house. I’ve told her ex, “Not to call!” and I’ve told my girlfriend how much it bothers me. It’s been going on for six months. Help!
Ex Tortured, Las Vegas, NV

Hello Tortured,
There are two schools of thought here, one says, “Keeping contact with an ex equals troubles, traumas and possibly court trials.” The other school says, “Learn to be friends with your ex.” Your lover is obviously a graduate of the second school. However, it’s ruining your relationship. So, pumpkin, it’s time to ring the school bell loud and clear by letting your girlfriend know that this lesson isn’t working and she must change her tactics by cutting the ties that are strangling your relationship. She needs to chose between drama class or you!
Ring loud!

Hey Trinity,
I get bored more often than I’d like to admit. I do lots of things, like going to the gym or watching movies, but I always end up bored. How do you escape boredom?
Bored Stiff, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Hey Stiff,
Getting lost in the actions of everyday life, intellectually, creatively and/or spiritually is the best way to ward off boredom. Oh, and sweetie, here’s a few other hints.

Trinity’s Inspirational Tips For Beating Boredom
1. Cultural: See a play, musical, concert or attend a street festival.
2. Spiritual: Go on a retreat, climb a mountain, go camping or spend time at a religious community.
3. Physical: Having a makeover, haircut, facial or a massage does wonders.
4. Practical: If you must stay home, clean your car, your house, the closets or redecorate.
5. Intoxicational: Go to an Irish pub, a local sports bar, a jazz joint or a swinging nightclub.
6. Educational: Take a history, psychology or a computer class. See a lecture. Also, try painting, singing, acting, etc.
7. Recreational: Go biking, swimming, fishing or join a contact sports club.
8. Communal: Visit an old school chum, a friend or a family member. Even better, volunteer somewhere.
9. Motivational: Throw a dinner party, an event, a fundraiser or put on a parade!
10. Impractical: Think games, puzzles, models or something fun that passes the time. But, turn the TV off and do something with your life, please! : :

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