Howdy, folks! Thanks for joining me once again for a little pageantry chit-chat. By the time you read this, we’ll have a new Miss Continental, so you know next time we’ll have lovely things to chat about. On the horizon, we also have Miss Gay America and Miss U.S.ofA. at Large, all before the year ends. Good times.

I left out info on two contests recently that I’d like to mention before we do anything else — Miss Legends was held recently in Raleigh, and Victoria Parker won. Her RU was also winner of Talent — Chastity Nichols. In the beautiful N.C. mountains, Asheville to be exact, a fishy Tia Chanella recently won the title of Miss O’Henry’s. My apologies to all ladies for the oversight.

I recently ran into an old favorite of mine whose stage name was Miss Honey. She works not too far from me and she was always my favorite Patti LaBelle impersonator. I was glad to see she was doing well off the stage now that she rarely performs anymore, except for that one time when she was at Night Owls with Kasey King. Speaking of Miss Kasey, I hear they recently did it up for that ole gal with a birthday show to beat the band. Catch Kasey in her show on Saturdays over in Gastonia.

Recently in Hickory at Club Cabaret, Natalie Cole of Detroit won Miss NC Classique. Her RU was Jamie Michaels. That evening, they also had a Mr. NC Classique. Michael James was named the winner.

As I look back on my Texas trip last month, I’m ashamed of the fact that I failed to mention hanging out and judging with my good sis Shae Shae LaReese, Miss U.S.ofA. Classic, and drag aficionado Bob Taylor. Add to the mix a zany, wacky Edna Jean Robinson of Dallas and you know a good time was had by all.
Speaking of which, you remember that I told you to pay attention to the winner’s name, Leyla Edwards O’Hara, right? It is an honor to tell you that she just won all categories at Texas U.S.ofA. and on her first attempt. I’m told that’s only happened twice — the other was entertainment powerhouse Whitney Paige. Y’all better get ready for this kid! Leyla’s RU was Taryn Taylor. The only other prelim Kara Young Ross has had was that of Great Plains, which Felissa Savage won. I hear Kara was in Asheville recently and popped into Club Hairspray. She was travelling with Gladys who was in concert up that way. You did know that she’s Gladys’ make-up artist, right? While in the U.S.ofA. vein, the most recent prelim to Miss At-large was Arkansas, which Katrina Dupree won.

I also remember in the last Rag I told you this time we’d do the other finalists from EOY — and they were: Domanique Chappelle, Erika Norell, Kitty Litter, Camille Simpson, Trinity Taylor, Bianca Nicole, Mokha Montrese and Danyel Vasquez.

In local news, Miss NC Summer Dream was recently held at Warehouse 29 in Greensboro and Gabrielle Berlyn won all categories. Her RUs were Cheetah Shaw, Vanessa Cottrell and Sandra Lopez. Miss Roanoke at Large, a prelim to Miss United States, was recently held at the Park. Paisley Parque won! Her first alternate was Connie Williams (who won Talent) and Honey Daniels was named Most Beautiful. Paisley won Gown, Interview, and Americana Runway.

Another tidbit I overlooked last time — Lord, don’t they say your memory goes first? I don’t remember! Beverly Johnson recently won the Miss Cancer pageant at Night Owls, part of the Zodiac pageants. Her RU was Eden Parque Divine.
I’ve just had a most wonderful weekend here in my backyard…no, not in the barrio, but here in Charlotte at Scorpio. The 30th Anniversary Miss NC America was held and oh, the memories that were made and revisited! Twenty of 26 surviving formers were in attendance, plus Miss NC Coti Collins, Honorary Miss NC and former Miss America Lauren Colby, along with former Miss America Tiffany Bonet. The Stars Show on Saturday was a sight to behold. Many formers told me registration was a time of choking up and fighting back tears — there was a lot of our drag history in one building that day after all. The first Miss NC, Brandy Alexander, who always gladly takes part, was there along with a forever fierce Melissa Montgomery, then Jamie Monroe, Darlene Duncan, Ginger Grant, Sharde Ross, Blair Williams, former Miss America Kerri Nichols, Kirby Kolby, Felicia Powers, Tyler Kole, Devida, Michelle Warren, Kristin Collins, Tiffany Storm, former Miss America Luscious, Scarlett Dailey (who was on Cloud 9) and Miss D. Meaner. Also in the audience being dudes were W.P., who we knew as Jennifer St. James, and Bobby, who brought us the illusion of Courtney Cox. The 30th Anniversary Miss NC America is Victoria Parker. Her RUs were Shana Nicole (who had the best up-do in the bar, thanks to Big Shirli), Amanda Blake and Angela Lopez. Blair, Darlene and Tyler also judged.

Other recent prelims to Miss Gay America include: Miss Mid-West, which Alana Steele won with RU Melody Michaels; Arkansas, Stephanie Richards; Arizona, Sache’ Van Cartier; Louisiana, Anastacia Davenport; and Tennessee, Ivy White. I tell you, Miss America sounds like the pageant to go see this Fall. And if y’all know me, it takes a lot for me to say that!

Keep those cards and letters comin’ in as the old Loretta Lynn tune goes!

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