Akil Campbell
Shades of Pride/Triangle Black Pride

Reflecting on 2010 I must say there are a number of things I could have done differently, a few things I could have attempted and a few opportunities that I may have missed. The year also granted me the opportunity to meet a number of great people, to network with community leaders and true representatives and to give back in the little minuscule way that I was able to.

A victim of the recession’s lay offs, I was blessed with the time to get to know the community of which I am a part, to finally meet my neighbors, my LGBTQ sisters and brothers, to realize the value of friendships and the pleasure which comes with servitude.

For 2011, I vow to give more of myself to my community, to better understand its needs and to deliver effective solutions based on this understanding. I must contribute more.

Bruce Converse
Executive Producer/Writer/Weekly Co-host
Rainbow Radio-The Real Gay Agenda (WXRY 99.3 FM)

First, for the big picture, I resolve to continue doing whatever it takes to keep the ball rolling forward towards Total Equality everywhere. Whether it is putting my name on email petitions or calling senators and representatives in Washington, D.C., I will pledge to continue to do that.

This past year has shown that progress, as painfully slow as it has been for some, continues to happen but only if we all work together towards that goal of Total Equality. If we ever let that ball stop its forward progress or take too many steps backward, those who are working just as hard to keep LGBT people from ever reaching Total Equality, will never let us ever get that ball rolling ever again.

Personally, I will continue putting together the Rainbow Radio Shows every week. I have been fortunate to have been part of this groundbreaking and history-making program since its inception. Every show we do (I say “we” because it is a group effort, as small as that group is) continues to make LGBT history, not only here in the Midlands of South Carolina but because of the internet, everywhere in the world. For a half hour each week, I want our shows to continue shining the light of truth as to who LGBT people really are, as well as spotlight our straight allies.

Roberta Dunn
Board member
Lesbian & Gay Community Center Charlotte

Let me get the easy one over first: Lose some weight, say 12 pounds. One pound a month or less than 4 ounces a week. That’s less than one potato (I’m Irish) or a few cookies a week. Sounds easy, so why didn’t it work last year? LOL.

Now some real things to get done for 2011: I want to continue to work with the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department on training on LGBT issues. I hope this outreach to them will spark someone or something to bring in new information to help solve the murder of Toni Alston. To continue working with MeckPAC to get the City Council to take positive action on LGBT equality in Charlotte this New Year, especially employment non-discrimination for transgender people. This is long overdue.

Dan Mauney
Takeover Friday

Looking back over the past year and the past decade of success with Gay Bingo, Takeover Friday, BRIEF! and Step, I want the next decade to be a time of more personal growth with family, friends and to really give more to the charities that matter to me. May Takeover Friday continue to connect our community in ways that we have never been connected making everyone feel a part of the greater picture. May our community unify together to make a bigger difference in the world we live and extend our hand further across the aisle to impact the lives of our straight allies and community. May I personally be a better son, brother and relative to my family who mean the world to me. May I be a better friend to my close friends and acquaintances. May I continue to maintain my sense of humor in life and never let the daily challenges tarnish my light. And, may I hold onto the little hair that I have left on my head or at least wear hats better. Here’s to 2011 and the incredible adventures that lay ahead.

Addison Ore
Executive Director
Triad Health Project

I’m using the word intentions vs. resolutions as we head into 2011.

I’ll keep my personal ones private (as to only disappoint myself) but for our community at large, I would wish that we all be more intentional in our communications going forward whether that is in person, online or in print. Civility and kindness seem to have been relegated to the “out” list of late.

I will admit to being called “Miss Manners” by a few friends but as we head into a new year of challenging conversations with folks who may not identify as LGBT friendly, it seems as if a cocktail of civility with a splash of common sense would serve us well.

Now please don’t misunderstand me, I’m still always ready to take my white gloves off in a spirited fight for LGBT rights.


Steven Petrow
“Steven Petrow’s Complete Gay & Lesbian Manners”
Chapel Hill

A young man posted his New Year’s resolution on my site www.gaymanners.com: “Just to be me no matter what. Always be real no matter who thinks what about me! Love hard, learn to forgive always, and remember that life is short. Live it to the fullest with no regrets!” I couldn’t say it better myself.

Brett Webb-Mitchell
qnotes contributor
“On Being A Gay Parent”

My New Year’s resolution is to continue to write, speak out, and reveal publicly places, situations, and relationships where LGBTQ parents in particular are treated as second class citizens, and to celebrate where there is a breakthrough in ways that we are related to as equals with non-LGBTQ parents. This resolution is spurred on by being and becoming more tuned in to how the changing of federal and state laws (for good or ill) affects our families; discovering organizations where discrimination against LGBTQ parents is still firmly in place, like the Boy Scouts of America; and being constantly surprised in the moments where a note of grace has sounded in an otherwise acrimonious relationship. : :

Photo Credit: lululemon athletica, via Flickr. Licensed under Creative Commons.