Consider supporting a project coordinated by Pride in the Triangle, a collaboration of Triangle, N.C.-area LGBTQ+ employees and allies from various corporations coming together to share best practices, work together on LGBTQ+ issues in our corporations and in North Carolina and network with other out employees and allies.

Throughout 2018, the group met to agree on requirements and contents for a Workplace Equity Toolkit, which will be open source and available for any company to use for workforce training, and includes an inter-company training of trainers (TOT). I, along with consultant and trainer Katherine Turner of Global Citizen, LLC, were brought on board as professional diversity training course developers and trainers to professionally develop this comprehensive toolkit.

The goal of the training is to create a more equitable and inclusive work environment for LGBTQ+ colleagues by:

• Articulating the business rationale for equity and inclusion in the workplace;

• Explaining LGBTQ+ related terminology, concepts, misconceptions and history

• Expressing empathy for LGBTQ+ colleagues and concerns;

• Demonstrating their ability to comfortably initiate constructive conversations about LGBTQ+ colleagues and concerns;

• Making a commitment to take action to promote equity and inclusion for LGBTQ+ colleagues.

These contents of the toolkit provide a totally turnkey solution to organize and hold the sessions:

• Facilitator’s agenda that includes facilitation instructions and adaptation guidance for different sectors, timeframes and audience familiarity with the topic;

• PowerPoint slides with presentation notes;

• Participant booklet with handout, worksheets and other resource materials;

• Two sample agendas for different time frames;

• Sample evaluation form;

• Certificate of participation template;

• Leadership engagement tips;

• Boilerplate email invitation to the training session.

Pride in the Triangle is striving to raise the remaining funds so that Katherine and I can develop the toolkit and hold the training of trainers. Additionally, when it is ready, the toolkit will enable corporations to use it for LGBTQ Pride Month in years to come.

We now have four major sponsors: BlueCross BlueShield NC, RTI, SAS and Dude Solutions. They have provided about 60 percent of the required funding, and we feel that if two to four more sponsors could join them, we could be begin development. If we are able to raise the remaining funds soon, we could hold the training session and, perhaps, be ready for this year’s National Coming Out Day in October.

All size contributions are welcome, but a handful of larger sponsorships could really help. Bronze level is $2,500 and guarantees one seat in the Training of Trainers sessions; Silver is $5,000 and comes with two seats in the training; and Gold is $10,000 and comes with three seats in the training. Also, the sponsors will be listed and acknowledged within the toolkit.

Visit for more information or contact Stan Kimer via email at or call 919-787-7315 to learn more and to discuss your organization’s possible participation.

Stan Kimer

Stan Kimer is the owner of TotalEngagement Consulting by Kimer and has published “A 2015 More Comprehensive Outline on Human Resources Support for Transgender Employees” which can be found online...