Rodney Tucker is one of the glue guys of the Queen City’s LGBT community. You know the sort we’re talking about: seems to be at every event you go to and is involved in some capacity with every project of note. He worked at the Regional HIV/AIDS Consortium and RAIN before taking over the reins at Time Out Youth last December. He’s also one of the three original founders of Takeover Friday. Well, it’s no secret that 20 Questions is fascinated by these seen-it-all, done-it-all types so we just had to dig deeper. Naturally, it took a while to carve out the time — being a glue guy eats up the clock, you know — but, eventually, it all came together

Who’s more likely into dom/sub leather play: Bigfoot and Wildboy, Electra Woman and Dyna Girl or H.R. Pufnstuf and Jimmy?
Electra Woman and Dyna Girl, they have the costumes and the bodies. I think people would pay to see that.

If you could trade jobs with any person past or present, whose would you choose?
If you get to trade bodies with the job, I would pick Johnny Depp and become an actor. He always gets the greatest roles and pulls off being smoking hot and quirky at the same time.

Do you know the rules of the card game Hearts?
I was raised in a good Southern Baptist home, we didn’t play card games unless it involved adding or spelling.

Are you better at giving constructive criticism or receiving it?
I think everyone is better giving constructive criticism than accepting it. It’s difficult when you put your heart and soul into projects and the first thing some people want to share with you is the areas you could improve. I always try to lead with compliments.

How do these films rank based on the number of times you’ve seen them: “Back To The Future Part II,” “Porky’s II: The Next Day,” “Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan,” “The Empire Strikes Back”?
This is a funny list. Hmmm, “Back To the Future Part II” followed by “Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan” I think. I’m pretty sure I never saw “Porky’s II” or “The Empire Strikes Back.” I did see the “Family Guy” tribute to “Star Wars”…but, I didn’t get it.

What leftovers are in your refrigerator right now?
I have no leftovers in my refrigerator. I am a member of the clean plate club. Growing up, I hated leftovers, so I don’t force myself to eat them now.

Can you do a cartwheel?
Yes! In fact, I just did one so I could answer the question! Let’s hear it for 45-year olds.

Which curse word do you use most often?
Working at Time Out Youth, I try really hard to not use curse words, but when I slip, “shit” is the word that rolls out without thinking. One of the youth loved it when I said it last week

What was the first music album you bought with your own money?
The first album my mom let me get was a collection of Christmas songs. My first cassette that I bought just for me was Madonna’s “Like a Virgin.”

Have you ever had any part of your body waxed?
Yes, eyebrows only. I can’t imagine the pain removing hair anywhere else on my body. Ouch!

How long has it been since you were on a bicycle?
Last week! I love the new greenway and want to start riding to work a couple days per week.

Do you personally know anyone who has performed in a gay porn film?
Yes, I have made very poor dating choices and have seen a couple of my ex’s on screen. Ugh. Please, don’t tell mom.

Which sub sandwich chain do you prefer?
Subway is just around the corner from Time Out Youth. I hit it at least once a week. Maybe I will be like that Jarrod and lose a lot of weight eating.

Can you remember your first crush?
My first crush was on Michelle Hinson. We have found each other on Facebook and keep up with each other again. Her new husband sat beside me in school growing up and she finally ended up as Michelle Tucker, only married to Chris Tucker instead of me.

Do you think mimes are entertaining?
Mimes and clowns both bother me. At one of my favorite Takeover Fridays we had to ask two clowns to leave the event. A week later I was interviewed for a story about how Takeover discriminates against clowns. I told the reporter we were very concerned about skin care and thought wearing that much makeup could cause breakouts. They didn’t run the story.

Roasted peanuts, boiled peanuts orpeanut butter?
I love nuts. When I was little my dad let me grow peanuts in the garden like Jimmy Carter; I guess that’s where my love affair with nuts began. I always have a container of roasted peanuts in my cabinet.

How would you rank the following music shows from your most to least favorite: “American Bandstand,” “Hee Haw,” “Solid Gold,” “Soul Train”?
“Solid Gold,” “American Bandstand,” “Soul Train” and then “Hee Haw.” When I was working on Not Your Mama’s Bingo in Hickory, I let one of the fabulous cast members borrow my Marilyn McCoo dress. Andy Gibb would have been impressed!

Is the phrase “shut up and look pretty” apropos for anyone you know?
Yes, Rodney Hines. [Ed. Note: Hines is another Takeover co-founder and owner of The Furniture Connector.] Sometimes people just refer to us as “The Rodneys” and like to ask us which is the good or evil twin? After a couple of vodka tonics, I have to remind Hines to “shut up and look pretty” which makes me either the good one or the controlling one depending on how you look at it.

How much of the Olympics will you watch this summer?
I love the Olympics, so I expect to watch a lot of it. At a fundraiser this weekend, I bid on an official opening ceremony shirt.

If 8 is great and 9 is fine, what would 10 be?
10 would be big, bald and beefy. Nobody really likes a skinny boy. : :

David Stout

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