Janice has been an out and proud trans activist for 42 of her 65 years. In the far shorter time that 20 Questions has known her — did we mention far shorter? — we have been admirers of both her involvement and her fashion sense (which, with all due respect to the woman Janice claims as her personal style icon, we believe was most heavily influenced by Mrs. Johnson of Harper Valley). She has been a guest speaker at many universities and Pride events across the country through the years and is now becoming increasingly influential in the North Carolina Democratic Party. Get crossdressed to impress, boys and girls, and then read on to learn more about this amazing LGBT advocate. Take it away, ho…er, Janice.

Do you own a rolling pin?

Yes, I own four of them — three to throw and one to chase with. I keep them above my built-in oven so they are handy to get at.

What variety was the last piece of snail mail you sent out?

I guess it was my Christmas cards because I am old-fashioned and still love to send them. To me, Christmas cards are a message of love to friends and family. I think with the internet many have lost this beautiful part of Christmas.

Which one of these effeminate music superstars would have made the prettiest woman: Little Richard, Michael Jackson, Mick Jagger or Prince?

Hands down, Michael Jackson. His charisma and femininity radiated through in everything he did. I think he would have made a very pretty woman.

What types of sports related balls are in your home right now?

Only the softball signed by my team in 1997, the year we won the class AAAA National Championship in Lakeland, Fla.

Do you more enjoy crossword, word search or sudoku puzzles?

I very seldom play word games, to be honest, because I am writing all the time. It’s kind of like being a donut baker and eating donuts 24/7. What I do enjoy is feeding wild geese, playing with my two dogs, music and bass fishing.

How do these films, which all feature a trans character, rank based on the number of times you’ve seen them: “The Crying Game,” “Dog Day Afternoon,” “Transamerica” “The World According To Garp”?

Well, “Transamerica” is the only one of those I’ve seen and it was terrible because they used a real woman rather than a transgender to play the main character. I was very disappointed. I do love movies that I can fall asleep to, though. LOL!

Which U.S. city that you haven’t been to would you most like to visit?

New Orleans. Specifically, I would love to attend Mardi Gras just one time in my life. From what I’ve seen on television, it looks so exciting and I would love to be a part of it.

What is your favorite perfume and your favorite cologne?

It’s my signature Chanel in both cases. When wearing it I get many compliments and attention from men. If any admirer is reading this, Chanel is the way to my heart.

Do you know how to play chinese checkers?

Not really, but I love chess and many other board games. Anything that I can be competitive at, I’m willing to play. Oh, if you don’t like to lose, don’t play me. LOL!

How would you finish the sentence: “Pantyhose must surely have been invented by…”?

I’d say “a man” because I don’t think there was much thought given for comfort.

When was the last time you washed your vehicle by hand?

About two weeks ago. I love to wear my one-piece bathing suit while washing my car. I imagine the neighborhood husbands get beat by their wives when they get caught peeping over the fence. LOL!

Would it be more fun to have a three-way with Sam and Diane, Rebecca and Carla or Norm and Cliff?

It would depend on my mood because I have an acquired taste for all. My philosophy is why just be one sided — try it all you might like it.

M&M’s, Reese’s Pieces or Whoppers?

I love M&M’s. Yummy!

What is your most unusual source of fear or unease?

I don’t really have any unusual ones. A realistic one would be two Bubbas looking at me like they wanted to beat me up. I have had this happen, but I still stand my ground.

How much of a flirt are you?

Big time! I love to show my femininity through my style of dress — though I sometimes forget to cross my legs. I have been reminded many times by my sisters, but they have finally given up. Janice is Janice. LOL!

If you’re sitting on your couch relaxing, what beverage are you sipping on?

A Rolling Rock. I’ve found with getting older that my taste has changed, but I still love Tiffany Storms and strawberry daiquiris, too.

Who’s the sexiest “David” of all time?

David Beckham, of course. His British accent drives me nuts. I think he is a hottie!

Were you a good hula hoop-er as a youngster?

Yes. I grew up in the ’50s when hula hoops first hit the block. I must say I was good at it. I did it last on stage at Triad Pride just four years ago but only got two times around before it fell to my ankles.

Would you rather have a bird in your hand or have two birds in your bush?

I would rather have a bird in my hand. I am getting up in my years so I’m afraid two birds might be confusing. ::

David Stout

David Stout is the associate editor of QNotes. He can be reached at editor2@goqnotes.com.