Gil Croy is a renaissance man. He’s the owner of Gil Croy Designs, is an accomplished painter and fine artist and is the driving force behind The Human Canvas body art project, which was highlighted in a March 17 qnotes cover story. In short, he’s the type we love to learn more about here at 20 Questions. You’ll know him a little better, too, after reading the column this time. So, don’t delay — get right on it. (That’s what he said!)

Have you ever completed a work of paint-by-numbers art?
Hell, yeah, I love paint by numbers! It takes me back to being a kid again. I always used colors that were so non-conventional. My skin tones were always green, so Little Boy Blue looked like a little alien boy.

Do you currently own suspenders?
Yes, I have three pairs: one checkerboard, one neon green and one like the firemen wear.

Which fast food chain has the best tasting food?
Jack In The Box. Those cheap little tacos they sell are the best. Yum!

What personal habit do you perform without even thinking about it (e.g., hair twirling, knuckle cracking, etc.)?
Looking in the mirror. Man, that sounds vain. I’m just sayin’!

Do you know what the plastic tip on a shoestring is called?
No, and that has to be the oddest question I have ever been asked. My guess would be “string cap.” [Ed. Note: It’s called an aglet.]

How do these films rank based on the number of times you’ve seen them: “Ghost,” “Ghost Rider,” “Ghostbusters,” “Poltergeist”?
“Poltergeist” is definitely # 1 (“go into the light Carol Anne”), “Ghostbusters” #2 (just because of Sigourney Weaver), “Ghost” #3 (because I love playin’ in the mud), “Ghost Rider” #4 (poor Nic).

Can you crochet?
Only in rope.

Have you ever worn a lamb skin condom?
Yes. My question is what part of the lamb does that come from?

What’s your favorite type of theme park ride?
Definitely the roller coaster.

Have you ever had a pet reptile?
Can’t say that I have.

Who, in their prime, was the sexiest teen heartthrob ever?
Hands down, the ultimate for me was Jon-Erik Hexum, the model-turned-actor from the ’80s. He was the sexiest man ever!

Do you have a water gun in your home?
Yes, three actually. With five dogs, they come in handy. Plus, it’s fun to answer the front door and squirt someone — those kids in the white shirts love to get sprayed!

If you had to give up one of your senses for a day, which would you let go?
It definitely would not be sight, touch, taste or smell, so it would have to be hearing. Mother Nature is taking care of this one on her own it seems.

Have you ever shaved off your pubic hair?
No, and God knows that with as much hair as I have it would take something Husqvarna makes.

Which of these is the better Monday song: “Manic Monday” by The Bangles, “Monday Monday” by The Mamas and the Papas, “New Moon On Monday” by Duran Duran, “Blue Monday” by New Order?
Definitely, definitely, definitely New Order’s “Blue Monday.” Hell, yeah!

Jell-O, pudding or yogurt?
Man, that is difficult. Jell-O’s good, but I’m not a fan of things floating in it. Gotta be yogurt; love to eat the fruit at the bottom.

Do you keep coins in your car “just in case”?
Nope, any of my emergencies take more than quarters!

Which sitcom mom and dad pair is your all-time favorite?
No question, Carol and Mike Brady — if for no other reason than the way they dressed.

Have you ever read a Harlequin romance novel?
No, but all my friends joke with me that I look like an older version of the long-haired men that are normally on the covers. Well, hopefully it’s for the hair and not that I’m just that cheesy.

What style of swimsuit do you wear and is it the same style you like to see on other men?
I love the surf board swim trunks. They always dip down low enough to see a hip and oblique muscle. My favorite to see on another man is a square cut, ala Daniel Craig in “Casino Royale.” I can watch that come out of the water all day long! : :

David Stout

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