The HRC North Carolina Gala is fast approaching (Saturday, Feb. 25 — visit for details), so we’re putting event co-chair Dan Mauney (who is serving alongside Cherie Green and Rich Hurley) in the glaring spotlight of 20 Questions. Read on, dear reader, to see what the Titan of Takeover had to say.

Do you find the Three Stooges funny?
Are you calling the HRC Carolinas Gala co-chairs the Three Stooges? If so, I will be Moe — as in HOMOE!

What is your favorite Chef Boyardee canned food?
I don’t eat solids…only ice cubes every other day and a Tic Tac on the days in between.

Who’d be monkey-in-the-middle of a three-way between Ricky Martin, Anderson Cooper and Neil Patrick Harris?
Kathy Griffin in drag.

Which deceased musical artist do you most wish you had seen in concert?
Michael Jackson, before the surgeries.

How many sides of a Rubik’s Cube can you complete?
I can do the whole damn thing…take it apart and redo it, that is. You have to lube each part so that it slides into the slot easier. Wait, are we still talking about Rubik’s Cube?

Do you consider yourself hot-natured or cold-natured?
Lukewarm, with a splash of vodka.

Which pair is most obviously a couple: Bert and Ernie, Peppermint Patty and Marcie, SpongeBob and Patrick?
SpongeBob and Patrick…once the amendment gets voted down. (PSA: Get out the VOTE on May 8th!)

What is your favorite classic arcade game?
Ms. Pac-Man. I always loved her accessories.

Do you have any current magazine subscriptions?
HRC Equality — in every language!

Which one of these films have you seen the most times? “Back To The Future,” “Gone With The Wind,” “Star Wars,” “Steel Magnolias”?
“Steel Magnolias.” Blush and bashful are my favorite colors.

Which household chore do you dislike most?
All of them.

Growing up, what was your favorite Saturday morning cartoon?
“Super Friends.” I always wanted to be Wonder Woman.

Do you own a football?
I prefer pork with a side of apple sauce.

Which decade produced the worst fashion?
The ’70s — minus the original Charlie’s Angels…they rocked it!

Which TV show cast would you most like to be a member of?
“Charlies Angels” — as one of the crime fighting angels, of course.

Do you regularly wear a wristwatch?
My watch is called an iPhone…plus I have little girl wrists and I am self conscious.

What is your favorite salad dressing?
I don’t toss salad, but I do like mine tossed.

Can you ride a pogo stick?
Like a champ.

Do you like candy orange slices?
When they’re mixed with vodka.

Have you ever been to Graceland?
No, but I’ve been to me — the one hit wonder by Charlene. :

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David Stout

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