Charlotte attorney Connie Vetter is well known in the LGBT community, both for her professional and civic endeavors. Through her advocacy in a number of state and local organizations, she has worked to make North Carolina — and the Queen City in particular — a better place for us all.

At the moment, she’s moving into the home stretch of what might be her largest undertaking yet: co-chairing the Human Rights Campaign 2013 North Carolina Gala. The event is hurtling toward its Feb. 23 date which almost certainly means she — like all of the Gala Committee members — is absolutely swamped with things to do. Naturally, that meant 20 Questions had to speak with her right now for our little dog and pony show. You know how we do.

Do you have a tube of lip balm on your person right now?

I always have lip balm in my right coat pocket, my messenger bag, my nightstand and my car. I don’t like dry lips.

What’s the first song you remember loving and wanting to hear again and again?

“Sir Duke” by Stevie Wonder.

Do you usually know the day of the month without looking or asking?

Yes, if I’m at work. No, if I’m on vacation.

Have you ever played the game Dungeons & Dragons?

No, but I did get into the tunnels under Ohio State and that was fun/scary/creepy.

How do these films rank based on the number of times you’ve seen them: “Aliens,” “The Fly II,” “Predator 2,” “Terminator 2: Judgment Day”?

I haven’t seen any of them. I saw “The Fly” and almost walked out.

What is the ideal color for a puppy?

One that matches your furniture and carpet! I have a white dog and dark furniture and floors. It’s a battle with dog hair every day!

How would you finish this sentence: “For the first time in years I feel…”

…the many joys of an amazing new relationship.

Have you ever lived in a household that subscribed to “TV Guide”?

No. Growing up, we only got four channels, so it wasn’t difficult to keep up with programming.

How long has it been since you’ve jumped on a trampoline?

Too long!

Which professional athlete is the ideal combination of strength and beauty?

Wow! Who can choose?

Can you name 10 state capitals from memory?

Yes, on a good day.

What game would you most like to play on “The Price Is Right”?

I have no idea.

Have you ever been a spectator at a monster truck rally?

No, but I’ve wanted to. I went to lawn mower races this summer and I grew up going to demolition derbies and tractor pulls. I love that stuff.

What smell takes you right back to your childhood?

My mother’s baking.

Is there a book on your bedside table right now?

No. I don’t have time to read these days.

Chocolate milk, milk chocolate, or chocolate milkshake?

Got to be milk chocolate. I’m not a fan of chocolate milk or chocolate milkshakes.

How old is your oldest article of clothing?

A bowling shirt from my grandfather.

Are you more likely to call heads or tails at a coin toss?

I like to surprise myself.

Who was the object of your first celebrity crush?

Hmmm, that would be Lindsay Wagner on “The Bionic Woman.”

Why should folks come to the 2013 HRC North Carolina Gala?

It’s a fun night supporting a great organization that is working every day to change the lives of LGBT people — and having a lot of success doing it. You get to dress to impress, you will be inspired by amazing speakers and you can win incredible trips and items in the Silent Auction. We are planning a fun-filled night, so come on out!

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David Stout

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