A couple issues ago, we asked readers in Charlotte where they go out, especially after the close of Velocity. Here are the results from our online QPoll, with web comments.

When we are in Charlotte, we usually hit up Hartigan’s and Liaisons.
Kameela Vose, Nov. 30, web

…Velocity had bad drinks that were too expensive and god the music was bad. The owner would never listen to any suggestions so good bye to “Atrocity”!

Charlotte has no “Gay Community” and therefore no really Gay nightlife of any kind like so many large cities are fortunate to have. I went for the first time to Tutto mondos and really had a nice time. A bit too crowded but the music was good and the crowd entertaining. Central Station, although not much to look at and sometimes “booger” can be fun. Friday’s are always nice. It has a good age mix and drinks are reasonable. Garden and Gun…is it really going to be for us, the gays, or will it end up being too mixed and again Charlotte will be without a large, attractive gay only nightspot???
jc, Dec. 1, web

When I do go out, my time is pretty much equally split between the Eagle, Sidelines and the Woodshed. I never even heard of Velocity.
Charlotte Bear, Dec. 5, web

My thoughts with Velocity is that the club itself was nice but the drinks were water down and basic concept is that if the drinks are hot the party gets hotter. The manager of the club was not approachable at all and never took any club goer advice even though is us that make the club not management. It had a lot of potential just never delivered because of poor management. I have high hopes for Garden and Gun, the drinks are better, the environment of the club is better, my only concern is that the music is way to tribal on Saturdays and the DJ/Management needs to appeal to gay types of dance mixes and not the straight-like club music. I hope with time G&G becomes mostly a gay club with top 40 dance tracks, stuff we dance and sing along to. DJ Kastana does well but he doesn’t spin the lineup that keeps people dancing as the dancefloor isn’t always happening.
D, Dec. 11, web