In the Feb. 1, 2013, print edition of qnotes, we profile several topics related to gay history and sexuality. We took a retrospective approach to our coverage in the Love & Lust issue this year, speaking to older members of our community and pulling out old issues from our archives.

In a different time — Gay life, love and sex in the 1970s
Editor Matt Comer speaks to longtime activist and community member Don King and community leader Dave Webb about their experiences in Charlotte during the 1970s.

From the archives:
‘Young men on the sexual fringe’
We reprint a November 1991 front-page story on gay hustlers in North Charlotte, with accompanying retrospective thoughts from original author and current associate editor David Stout.

Editor’s Note:
Gay sex and crime, history and the future
Editor Matt Comer explores other portions of the newspaper’s archives documenting the 1980s-era public park arrests and entrapment of gay men in Charlotte.

QPoll: Will sexual freedom of 1970s return?

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