Each year, qnotes honors one brave or talented soul in our local LGBT community as our Person of the Year. The person honored has contributed to the community, worked for its benefit and raised awareness on important issues.

Do you know of someone who deserves praise and adoration? Let us know! In the past we’ve honored political types and activists, but our Person of the Year can be any person who’s contributed positively to the local LGBT communities in the Carolinas. Send us your ideas for who we should honor along with a sentence or two about their accomplishments to editor@goqnotes-launch2.newspackstaging.com.

Our Person of the Year will be revealed in our Dec. 24, 2011, print issue. : :


2 replies on “Searching for our 2011 Person of the Year”

  1. Ryan C. Wilson is President of the Harriet Hancock Foundation, Columbia, SC, past president of S. C. Pride for 2 years and formed YEAH (Youth empowered against hiv). Many more accomplishments, but as I am as a member of the Board of Directors of HHF he has done more for the LGBT community for South Carolina than anyone else except Harriet Hancock herself.

  2. My nominee- Mark Smith a.k.a. Kirby Kolby of Raleigh. Kirby was just crowned the 40th Miss Gay America (winning EVERY preliminary category award) after many years of pursuing this dream. Kirby is an excellent spokesperson and advocate for the gay community!

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