Well, hi kiddies! Happy Fall — heavy pageant time! Can’t wait. Our photo this time is of Alana Steele of Indianapolis, the reigning All-American Goddess who’ll be in Charlotte in December for the NC prelim. As you know, there will also be the At-Large contest, as well. I can’t wait to see the current “Big Gal,” Dena Cass, and a former, Kelexis Davenport. Here comes trouble! Ha!

Alana Steele

I’ll start with the results from Miss U.S.ofA. At Large, held in Tampa in early October. The Lady Tahjee Iman was relinquishing her title and Desiree DeMornay won. Her runners-up were Dorae Saunders, Tanisha Cassadine, Des’ree St. James and Alexis Nicole Whitney. Other finalists included, in their ranking order: Mizery, Rochell D’Leight, Vanessa Ross, Ginger Ale, Jocelyn Summers, Kayla Krawford and Sasha Sommers.

As I’m sure most of you know, Coti Collins has just finished her reign as Miss America and my, what a great job she did. I told her she’d go down in the books as “The Contestants’ Miss America” because she really focused on who she would crown. Before I go on to discuss who did get her position, I’d like to mention some folks who placed to compete since the last Rag. An older queen by the name of Maybelline Maskara took Louisiana by storm and won and her RU was Athena Campbell. Our newest former Miss NC, Emery Starr, won Miss Southeast down at the Hide-A-Way in Rock Hill. Her RU was Diamond Hunter. Rushena Falon represented Mid-Atlantic and there were two reps from Eastern States: Dominique DeLorean and Stephanie Lane.

Which brings us to the next matter at hand…a huge congratulations goes out to Kirby Kolby of Raleigh, the newest Miss Gay America. I hear she went in and removed all doubt as she excelled in every category and won several awards on final night in Columbus, OH, like Evening Gown (a J.D. Martin original), Interview and Talent. I remember back in the day travelling to support “Katherine” as she competed years ago. Amaya possibly best summed this win up when she said it seemed like the year of lost dreams being captured, referring to Kirby, Chelsea Pearl and Alexis Gabrielle Sherrington. I thought it was a sweet observation.

Kirby’s runners-up included Jessica Jade, Jenna Skyy, Araya Sparxx and former Miss NC, Blair Williams. Other finalists included Sally Sparkles, Tanisha Foxx, Chantel Reshae, Roxie Hart and Celia Putty. Seems like there were a lot of old school girls back this year. Here’s wishing Kirby a good year as she realizes an old dream come true. Words to one of my favorite Martha Wash songs come to mind — “It’s an easy thing to do, when you have someone who believes in you.”

Jessica also won On-Stage Response and Angela Lopez won Miss Photogenic. Von Entertainment of Scorpio in Charlotte (Donald, Brian, Tiffany and staff) won promoters of the year and the bar won most folks in a venue for a pageant.

On the local scene, London Dior is the newest Miss Hide-A-Way; her RU was Kelly Brooks. Kassandra Hylton won Miss Congeniality, and Kylie Kay took home the Jessica Raynes Starr Award. London won Talent, Gown and Presentation! All right, sis!

I mentioned Alexis Gabrielle Sherrington earlier, our newest Miss Continental. I’m told by her prelim promoter, Alyson Thomas, that she’s still glowing. At Diskotekka in Miami, they will have a special show for her on Nov. 13, including several former Misses Continental. I understand there will be another special function in the future; more details later. (Gotta make sure it’s not a secret!)

The only other contest I know about would be Miss Warehouse 29 and Shae Shae LaReese won. Shae Shae won Talent and Presentation, Malayia Chanel Iman won Gown and Neely O’Hara won On-Stage Response. : :

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