Saturday’s neo-Nazi and Ku Klux Klan rally attracted quite the attention. As many as 250 counter-protesters showed up to counter messages of hate at the rally. Some were organized by the Latin American Coalition and wore clown costumes and makeup. You can read our full coverage here, plus see our video report and peruse through more than 100 photos from the event.

Local media were also on the scene. A snapshot of some of that coverage below:

WCNC Newschannel 36, NBC Charlotte

“Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police say no one was arrested during a loud – and very colorful – KKK rally and counter-protest in uptown Charlotte Saturday afternoon. Members of the National Socialist Movement joined the Ku Klux Klan for an anti-immigration rally at Old City Hall on West Trade Street, but the counter-protesters outnumbered them at least five to one. Instead of shouting, the protesters used squeaky toys, whistles, and noisemakers to drown out the amplified speeches. Many dressed as clowns.”

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WSOC, Channel 9

“More than 200 people showed up to protest a neo-Nazi and KKK rally Saturday afternoon in Uptown Charlotte. An Eyewitness News reporter observed the rally — and counter-protest — was louder and more intense than any of the nightly protests Charlotte saw during the Democratic National Convention. The counter-protesters banged on drums, blew on whistles and noisemakers, and screamed over the barricades to try and drown out the message of the neo-Nazis.”

Video report available here

WBTV, Channel 3

WBTV 3 News, Weather, Sports, and Traffic for Charlotte, NC

“The National Socialist Movement held a rally at the old City Hall site in Uptown Saturday. The group says the annual event was meant to bring attention to illegal immigration and other crimes in the nation. Leaders say they chose North Carolina because of the growing illegal immigration in this part of the country. The rally drew hundreds but the majority were counter-protestors led by the Latin American Coalition. Anarchists and members of the Occupy movement were also in attendance.”

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News 14

“A heavy police presence filled uptown Charlotte, as a white supremacist group voiced its concerns for the future outside old City Hall. About 50 members of the National Socialist Movement rallied Saturday against illegal immigrants and the struggling economy. About twice as many people came out for a counter-protest.”

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