Welcome back friends, and Happy late 4th (by the time you read this)! Hope you made some fireworks of your own.

I come to you again with some things that I’m excited to talk about, like new pageants and new people.

I’ll start by mentioning the nice time I had in Dayton, OH, when I went up to see my first All-American Goddess pageant at Club Masque. I had a great time visiting with the reigning Miss At-Large, Dena Cass, now living in Florida by way of Iowa, and my good sis Kelexis Davenport, a former Miss AAG at Large, who recognized me on the mic and found me a front row seat. That’s a good sister, but she’s always such a doll to me — when she’s not applying more paint. Ha! I also ran into the man of my dreams, Paul Lopez, and the child whom I wrote about three summers ago, Leyla Edwards O’Hara, who is a former Miss TX FFI and TX U.S.ofA. I’d never seen the baby out of drag and here was this hot little piece of Mexican-American trade. Brooke Divine LaReese was like, “That’s Leyla, mama!” I was floored — cute boy, gorgeous queen. Life is truly not fair. After two nights of preliminary competition and many numbers by the titleholders and special guests Celeste Holmes and Jennifer Warner, the Top 12 was announced: Chanel Cartier, Michelle Fighter, Shae Shae LaReese, Brittney Moore, Jasmine International, Summer H. Knight, Chanel Van Cartier, 4th RU Mya Campbell Cassadine, 3rd RU Cartier Paris, 2nd RU Nina DeAngelo, 1st RU Aurora Sexton and winner, from Indianapolis, Alana Steele. The ole girl turned it out in Talent; she sent the chirrens left, baby.

I must say, it seemed to be stiff competition and the outcome was very fair. Although I don’t personally care for downtown Dayton, I will definitely go back to see this contest. You may recall there is a preliminary here at Scorpio in December and I hear there may even be a Stars of AAG before then. Keep your eyes peeled — there’ll be plenty of advertisement!

Since I did mention Miss TX FFI previously, here I am packing my bags to go out to judge the Miss and the At Large once more, this time in San Antonio. I’ll get to see Kelexis and Layla LaRue, maybe Alyssa Edwards, if I’m lucky, and I’ll be judging right beside the child whom I helped crown that hot summer night back in 2008 — Leyla, but it’ll be Alan (her creator) instead. Who can say excited? Here’s hoping her little brother Edgar comes too!

I’ve just gotten home from Hickory for a few nights as I judged Miss and Mr. Unlimited At Large at Club Cabaret. I had a great time. I was able to spend some more time with the current Miss Classique, Erica Martinez, whom I met in Dayton, and I feel so cheated that I never knew her before. This is an old-school, rhinestone lady, painted for the Mason-Dixon Line. OMG, I almost cried when I saw her close-up for the first time. Amazing is all I can say and such a sweet person, as was her partner, Chris, and sister, Pam. Good Cleveland folks, just like Miss Erica’s promoter, Felix Correa, who is a former Mr. Unlimited At Large and Bear! Anyway, congrats are going out to Holden Michaels and Loretta L’Amour who were relinquishing said titles and congrats are also going out to Ivy White who won the Miss title and Jerry Trollinger who won the Mr. Their RUs were, for the Miss, Paisley Parque (sick-o-ning gown!) and Harmony Breeze, and for the Mr., Tommy D. Michaels.Funny — I kinda felt like I was at a Kirby Kolby Fan Convention, but that’s another story.

And, speaking of Miss America, Coti Collins has a great interview on the Miss America website that a guy did with her, but if you go back further, you will read one she did with former MGA and drag goddess Rachel Wells. There are links there to old tales of when Rachel was coming into her own and winning everything she wanted to and interviews with other drag superstars of the past — please look them up and know your history! Coti has been to two more prelims recently, Miss AZ which Celia Putty won (talk about a blast from the past!) and Western States, which Erica Chandler won.

Prelim winners to Miss NC America, coming up in August, include Miss Charlotte Victoria Victors and RU Valarie Rockwell, Miss Hickory Jayda Clyne and RU Miss Understood, and Capital City Andrea “Chocolate” Carlisle and RU Felicia Monet.

By the time I’m back from San Antonio, Jujubee and Erika Norell will have already been to the Scorpio in Charlotte. That’s where we’ll pick up the next go ‘round, along with tea from Miss Texas! : :

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