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Scorpio Charlotte
Scorpio Charlotte Charlotte NC United States 28208

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Jul 21 - 22 2019


10:00 pm - 4:00 am

Rainbow War Glow Party

End of the Official Charlotte Pride Weekend. $$$$ Grand Prize Team Performance $500 / OTA Realness $400, Mini Ball Kicks off at 12:30AM.

Categories and Description:

Team Performance:

Rainbow Super Hero’s $500 (Sponsored by PowerHouse of Charlotte)
It’s Charlotte black gay pride weekend & the Weekends has been under attack by Anti-Gay villains. Tonight that comes to an end as we need Justice to come save the city and bring the crime to an end. Tonight in a team of 4 bring together a Super Hero team using Colors from the Rainbow. Teams will battle Rumble Ball Style. No Productions/Introduction. Each team competing must sign up via inbox to Bricks Ebony on FB.

OTA Realness:
Day Party Vibez $400
Today is one of the dopest day parties thrown in the Queen City. This year the theme of the day party is “Grown & Sexy”. Tonight bring it to the judges in your Day time Grown & Sexy looks, show is why you are the Realist person on the block. Be on point because the Paparazzi are on lock.

OTA Runway:
“Rainbow War” $250 (Sponsored by Powerhouse)
Right now we go through a lot with the hate towards the LGBT community. That comes to an end tonight as we prepare for battle. Bring it in a effect (using the rainbow colors) made ready for war. Be creative Be Fun with it

OTA Sex Siren:
Pride Parade $250 (Sponsored by White Rabbit)
You have been personally invited to be apart of the Charlotte Gay Pride Parade today in uptown Charlotte. Bring to the judges your look for the parade. (Remember sex sells)

All other categories are just bring it with a Rainbow flag
OTA Face:
Virgin Runway
New Performance

The event is finished.

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