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Make a Difference in Our Community

qnotes would like to extend the opportunity to community members interested in citizen journalism and new media to work with us on a volunteer basis. These opportunities are perfect for those seeking to test the waters of citizen journalism and “blogging” or those who have a general passion for writing and local, community reporting.

See the following positions for citizen journalist opportunities below…

Freelance Feature Writers
qnotes accepts submissions for feature/cover pieces. These pieces must be at least 1,000-1,800 words in length, of high quality, be of Carolinas-interest and be accompanied by photos or possible front cover artwork. Feature pieces may be published as cover stories or as feature stories.

Community Freelance News Writers
Articles must be 400-900 words long and include a photograph. Articles should be news stories covering recent political developments, local events, community organizations, etc. You can discuss your story idea with our editor prior to writing and submission.

Arts & Entertainment / Nightlife Freelance Writer
Coverage of arts and entertainment events, as well as the nightlife scene, are welcome. Writers would be responsible for submitting photos along with arts features (plays, concerts, performances, etc.). Additionally, writers would also be responsible for submitting photos from clubs and bars and a short story (400-600 words) about nightlife events (past and upcoming) in their area at least once per month.

LGBTQ Sports Freelancer
The LGBTQ sports community freelancer would be responsible for writing a 500-600 word news or feature piece focusing on the events and activities of LGBTQ sports leagues and associations in the Carolinas.

To submit articles or pieces under the freelance descriptions above, contact the editor at 704-531-9988, ext. 202,

Last updated: January 29, 2020

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