Originally published: Sept. 14, 2010, 8:14 p.m.
Updated: Sept. 20, 2010, 11 a.m.

CHARLOTTE — Business owners at the center of fundraising fraud allegations attempted to smooth over controversy Tuesday, Sept. 14 after the president of a non-profit animal rescue group alleged they had misrepresented their intentions in fundraising at an event this summer.

In a complaint to the North Carolina Secretary of State’s Charitable Solicitation Licensing Section, Project Halo’s Rhonda Thomas alleged for-profit WoofTease owners and Club Cub directors Rex Mumea and Dustin Slate fraudulently identified her organization as a beneficiary of their July 29-Aug. 1 “WoofTease Presents Club Cub” party at the Ramada Inn on W. Woodlawn Rd. In the complaint, which Thomas provided to qnotes, she said she had yet to receive any funds raised through the event.

Last Tuesday Mumea and Slate delivered a $100 check to Thomas, and told qnotes the controversy was the result of “drama” created by a former Club Cub organizer. Mumea said he would have rather handled this situation out of the public spotlight, and that he was holding true to his original statements to Thomas.

“We are following through with exactly what we said we’d do in the time frame we said we’d do it in,” Mumea said. “We said we’d get everything done in mid-September. It is September. We are getting everything done. We are following the timeline we set out for them when we had our original conversation with them.”

Eighteen pages of documentation, including transcripts of voicemail messages and email communication, were attached to Thomas’ complaint to the Secretary of State’s office.

In one email dated Aug. 20, Mumea tells Thomas he has yet to complete accounting work for events held in July and August.

“We are in the middle of several weeks of business related travel,” Mumea wrote. “All of this in the middle of moving, running a t-shirt business, planning several future events and fund raisers, and assisting with other events/fund raisers. We’ll have the time to sit and do accounting mid September for July and August events.”

A transcript of an Aug. 21 voicemail message allegedly from Mumea to Thomas was provided with the complaint. In it, Mumea reiterates a forthcoming donation to Project HALO.

“So, once we get a chance to get our accounting done we’ll make a token donation umm to fulfill our obligation,” the transcript reads. “Umm, the remainder of the funds that we had set aside we’ll put towards a good use for a umm for probably a different charity. … Umm, beginning of September you can be looking forward to a token donation from us.”

Slate said he and Mumea have a meeting set up with Thomas for later this week. “Hopefully the matter can be solved,” he said.

Thomas isn’t yet sure how she will handle the official complaint but, like Mumea and Slate, said she hopes the situation will result in an amicable resolution.

In a related concern, qnotes asked Mumea and Slate about the current state of Club Cub’s non-profit status. On its website, Club Cub identifies itself as a 501(c)4 non-profit corporation, but a search of the Secretary of State’s corporations database returned no listing for WoofTease or Club Cub. Neither Mumea nor Slate were found as registered agents for any corporation, either for-profit or non-profit. Mumea and Slate both said their non-profit application had been submitted to the IRS and was pending. Their pending status is not listed on the Club Cub’s website.

Update (Sept. 20, 2010, 11 a.m.): Late last week, qnotes learned that Dustin Slate, Rhonda Thomas and Jeff Enochs, a former Club Cub treasurer, had met and decided to put their disagreement aside. Enochs said the three had come up with a statement, but wasn’t yet willing to release it to the media. However, in comments on this story, Enochs, Slate and Thomas all agree that the controversy was a “misunderstanding.”

“Dustin, Jeff Enochs and I sat down last week,” Thomas writes. “Although I have not received a monetary donation from Club Cub I have agreed to drop this matter. Dustin and I have agreed that a donation will be made to Project HALO but the terms have yet to be finalized.”

Enochs had come under attack by Rex Mumea and anonymous commenters for alleged misappropriation of funds. Thomas writes, “Dustin also agreed that Jeff Enochs stole nothing from Club Cub and Jeff had all the documentation to prove this.”

Echoing her remarks, Enochs writes, “Project Halo, Dustin Slate and myself sat down for a meeting and agreed that we would not escelate [sic] this issue any further. Project Halo and ClubCub have reached an agreement that honors the donation promised, and after reviewing all 2009 finacial [sic] records Dustin has agreed that there were no misappropriation of funds. Any further action is a result of the State of NC and no longer involves Halo or Myself.”

Although Project HALO says it will drop the issue, the official complaint and any pending investigation by the Secretary of State could continue.

“If the parties try to come to some sort of agreement amongst themselves, generally speaking it’s not like there is a simple, one-size-fits-all answer to it,” Secretary of State spokesperson Liz Proctor told qnotes. “It would really just depend on the fact pattern. The question would still come down to whether or not we thought there had been a violation of state statute.”

Matt Comer

Matt Comer previously served as editor from October 2007 through August 2015 and as a staff writer afterward in 2016.

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  1. the expulsion of Charlotte’s representatives on the Carolina Bear Lodge board,

    I hope this is not meant to be me? I did not get kicked out, I left, Rob G and the rest of the crazy board didnt like change, they did want A lister attitudes, and I tried very hard to make sure everyone was welcome. I have successfully kept my dinners and other things going, and have a small web site to prove it :) Unlike the new VP I am here for the community, NOT myself or some self stroking group of A listers.

    http://www.charlottebears.com is the web site, and feel free to take a minute to visit it :)

    Hugs to all,


  2. Keeping it Real-I don’t think the issue was turning a nose up at $100. The fact that Club Cub claimed to be a NON PROFIT organization and throw that party as such and used that to get folks to come and donate their time, money etc. It was even stated on the site that if folks volunteered, Club cub could give more money to the charity.
    Matters not who or why a charity was picked or who was involved in picking it. Club Cub put on their site that Project Halo was the beneficiary. If people want to smear a “true” non profits name like Project Halo then I feel its just grasping at straws. If the state and IRS feels that Club Cub, Dustin and Rex was truly a non profit and acted as such, then this community owes them an apology. If Jeff is found of “EXTORTING” money then he needs to make restitution, but if not, we owe him an apology as well. If the state and IRS finds that Club Cub is truly not a non profit, I feel for them.
    Yes this is a lot of DRAMA but you have to ask why is it being brought out. Do we close our eyes to wrong doings and just walk by? Our community works hard to be proud. Why is is that we can just forget that folks paid, $50. 60 80 dollars of their hard earned money, volunteered their time and efforts so that others may have benefited. I am still confused as to why Dustin and Rex have not spoken about this publicly. Rhonda was forgiving to let this be a misunderstanding, it seemed that old saying, you give them an inch they take a mile seems to play in this scenario with her comments about Dustin. Everyone is innocent until proven guilty. If Rex and Dustin feel they are being wrongfully accused, why haven’t they come to explain their side? I feel as if they owe our community this much

  3. Who are you kidding? pfft. there was not a person at Club Cub – any year – who went because some small donation of left over proceeds would go to a charity. They went for dick. period.
    And got plenty of it, I might add, while we’re keepin’ it real, for their $50,60 or 80 dollars. Again – while they were deciding if Club Cub as an entity could fly on it’s own with the possibility of making it a permanent non-profit organization in fabric of Charlotte’s gay community, as was mentioned previously in this thread, any organization considering this has 27 months to raise the money and file the paperwork. I doubt that will happen now, all this drama has certainly killed that. But Club Cub the party has been very successful, growing every year, and will grow on and up, obviously out of the seething cesspool of Charlotte gay power struggles. But that’s the way it’s always been here – seethe away…

  4. Rex like you and the tube of lube in a pool you are a slick asshole. You and you slummy business has no place in the gay community. Legit people that do fundraising for non profit groups get a bad name because of assholes like you, are the bad apple. Dustan I feel sorry for you. One can only hope that as you both are on Social Security that they also catch up with you for unreported monies made.

  5. the worst thing rex could have done is responded to any of these postings, you are just digging your grave you scumbag.

    Please stay far away from Orlando and Ft Lauderdale. People overheard you Rex during Club Cub bashing Tidal Wave and I quote “only creating Bear Daze to take people away from Tidal Wave.” wow, your such a loser. The organizers of Tidal do an amazing job every year and for you to come down to Orlando to try and steal business away from them is unforgivable. They should just ban the wooftease “krewe” from even buying Tidal Wave tickets this year.

    As for Ft Lauderdale, you scumbags were seen down here recently hotel shopping to try and bring back WOOF Fest, which is an old event here in Ft Lauderdale that has faded away over the years. You are crazy if you think the bears in Ft Lauderdale are gonna fall for your scams. STAY AWAY!

  6. Expulsion of Charlotte’s Representatives on the CBL Board,

    I would clarify that I was not expelled from the board as a Charlotte representative. In the CBL board meeting held in March of 2010 I submitted my letter of resignation to the board due to several unethical activites and drama I observed during my time on the board. Since the President and majority of the rest of the board was unwilling to correct this behavior, I could not be associated with this group any longer.

    I suggest anyone attending a bear event, or any event for that matter, to research the organizing organization to find out if they are legit and what their tax status is. Yes, it may take over 2 years for the paperwork to go through for your non-profit status, but the CBL operated for over 15 years, collecting money from members for membership and money for events they threw and were never registered as any kind of official club or organization in North or South Carolina, and never filed for their non-profit status until 2010. I encourage everyone to know the club you want to join to make sure you dont get taken for a ride and that your money is going to the right things.

  7. everyone should remove and ban their facebook pages.

    -Rex Wooftease
    -Wooftease Krewe
    -and their Wooftease pages.

    you are being oust by the bear community!!

  8. I think it is funny that people keep commenitng on this story. so many people want it to go away but even those involved keep commenting and adding fuel to the fire.l if people would just be quiet the story would quiten down. hahaha omg peope are crazy. this is really good entertainment tho

  9. In response to allegations about Bear Daze or Rex and Tidal Wave. We put together Tidal Wave as a party for everyone to come and not be afraid to take off their shirt, feel ashamed for who they are or what they looked like. We decided this year to add another element for our fifth year anniversary and realized there is a competing event that is following suit. This is a free country and folks may say anything they want, as is evident from this forum. If a competing event wants to throw a party, or bad mouth another event, we cannot stop or lose sleep over it. We can only strive to make this event a fun time and continually better it’s content and maintain it’s value. We may not all see eye to eye on things, and speaking for myself I know I am full of faults. I wish no ill will for Bear Daze or Rex or anyone saying bad things, if indeed they did. I can only say that I will continue to promote Tidal Wave in a positive manner and strive to make that weekend one that we will be a memorable one.
    DJ Danny G

  10. WoofTease, looks like you guys are in great company with Bears of Central Florida and the Parliament House both of which are in major financial trouble. Good luck with Bear Bust.

  11. Everything this group puts their hands on turns to crap. Sorry if groups like Decadent Ducks wants to affiliate with them, then Decadent Ducks will be called into question too.

    Let’s get this straight. Wooftease puts on Club Cub which they advertise as a non profit and an event done for charity. Both of which are not true. If they didn’t take two years to make a donation of $100 they probably would not be in this mess. I mean let us call a spade a spade here. This isn’t a matter of taking time to pay bills and follow a time line of 30-90 days. This event happened for over two years under the disguise that it was to raise money for Project Halo. What you think about the women in charge of it really doesn’t matter. The facts of the case are it took them two years to cut a check for a measly $100. Yea I don’t care it is a charity, I’d turn it down too and investigate them.

    As if that isn’t sham enough, the event promised pass holders t-shirts and did not deliver. That alone is grounds for a refund and charge back on the credit card. How pathetic since they claim to own a t-shirt company yet can’t even muster up the money to make shirts for their own event.

    Now the two con artists – one with prior charges and one about to get some – want to move into the Florida market. To begin this they partner with Bears of Central Florida who are under investigation by the Attorney General’s Office, the IRS and has charges pressed against them too. Two peas of a pod as the saying goes.

    Next month they are partnering for a jock auction at Parliament House. Parliament House is bankrupt, foreclosed on, and under the control of a receiver. The owners of Phouse have a long history of not paying their bills (gee the Wooftease business model), running a filthy property, and a list of liens and warrants filed against the owners for non-payment of bills. Sound familiar? All of these FACTS can be found online because it’s all filed in court paperwork.

    So here we are with Bears of Central Florida having tricked people into paying $119 for a run pass to their event and then because their money is tied up in legal battles had to move the events to the phouse. Anyone knows that to get into phouse it is $10 tops so your $119 run pass isn’t even necessary. Plus will the receiver really want this tragic event there anyway? What happens if the receiver decides to shut the place down before Bear Bust/BC3/Wooftease Jock Auction/Corruption Fest. By the way the rumors that the owners are still in charge of phouse, hold the liquor license, still make decisions about the place. All false, the reality slap can be found here:

    Let’s see what happens when Wooftease tries to pocket the money from their infamous and over used “jock auction” as a sham to pocket more money that was raised for “charity”

    Rex and Dustin claim to be uniters of the bear community so they decide to buck up against the biggest bear event during gay days simply for personal reasons. It won’t work. Tidal Wave Party is too big and too organized and too good an event to be concerned about their shady operation.

    As Rex and Dustin cling to parody laws to save their shirt business ironically some of the designs have disappeared from their website. I highly doubt that is coincidence. I guess the big companies are squashing them. Finally!

    Rex was 1/2 right. We all hate you and we do win. The damage has NOT all been done though. Hang on boys it’s gonna be a bumpy ride.

  12. It’s only a matter of time before it all falls apart. All together now…..nah nah nah nah, nah nah nah nah, hey hey hey GOODBYE….nah nah nah nah…

  13. Over the past couple weeks the Organizations that I founded, WoofTEASE and Club Cub, have fallen under public scrutiny. These organizations were started when I was at the age of 23 to benefit the bear community by offering an outlet of creativity and by providing social events that were not previously offered in our home state. Over the years as both have grown there have been issues that needed to be handled. We feel we handled these situations in the best interest of the future of the organizations. While we proceeded forward, we did lose relationships along the way. We tried to move on, however we feel that the ramifications of these failed relationships will be something we have deal with for some time. Rather than rush to judgment we ask that you hear us out and base your relationship with us from your own experience, both personal and professional. At no time have we ever misrepresented ourselves or tried to gain a leg up by doing anything unethical. We realize that this explanation will not heal all, but we are open to questions.

    “In 2009, Club Cub had an event in Charlotte and without making it public, a contribution was made to Project HALO. This donation was acknowledged in email by the Project Director.

    For the same event in 2010, the Club Cub website indicated that, “*a portion of proceeds from Club Cub go to benefit Project Halo.”. The accounting for this event has been completed and it has been determined that based upon the income received by Club Cub, and the expenses paid, that there was a profit of $113. Based upon this fact, Club Cub is donating $100 to Project HALO. That check was delivered to Project HALO on September 22, 2010.

    We welcome putting an end to this situation, and at this time feel that based upon the income received from the event we have fulfilled our obligation with regard to our donation to Project HALO.

    We welcome any questions addressed directly to us in email, and we will answer all inquiries. Anyone asking a question and receiving an answer can choose to publish our response in any public forum they feel suitable, but we will not debate or answer questions in any public forum, especially an anonymous one.

    We admit the information for Club Cub and 501(c)(4) Non Profit Corporation status on our website may have been misunderstood. The statement is taken directly from the by-laws and indicates we are following the rules of a non-profit. Being approved as a non-profit is a lengthy and time consuming process, and we are still waiting for approval. However, we were not soliciting donations for our own non-profit entity. By offering a portion of our proceeds to a charity, we do not feel that we were misrepresenting our event. We accepted no funds without a product or service being rendered. Given this fact, no contributor could claim they made a donation to any non-profit entity. Our non-profit status and any description thereof was a general description of our company and intentions. We were not soliciting donations for a non-profit. We were selling sponsorships and event tickets. This cannot be considered donations to a non-profit regardless of the legal status of our application.”

    The donation we made may not seem like much, but we ask that you consider that this was our first year putting on full run. We had a total of 5 entertainers from various parts of the country. The operating expenses of this type of run can add up fast. Our ticket prices ranged from $50-$80 which is considerably less than the cost of many runs that we are being compared to, however we feel that we delivered value for the price paid.

    Although there has yet to be an investigation, we are fully prepared to share our documents with a competent governing official at the time it is requested. We ask that any business relationships past, present, or future please consider asking us questions before you make a decision as to whether or not do business with us.

    Through many events that we have participated in we have happily donated our time, energy, goods, and services in a variety of ways. We hope to continue to do so in the future. An example of this is at TBRU in 2010, we organized and executed a jock auction/raffle that resulted in raising $1300 for two charities in the greater Dallas area.

    Once again, we intend to move forward from this and continue to do business as we always have. We are fully aware that everything we do will be under a microscope and again will answer any inquiries about who we are and what we do.


    Dustin Slate

  14. I’m just a bit confused. In Dustin Slate’s post on club cub, he says

    “In 2009, Club Cub had an event in Charlotte and without making it public, a contribution was made to Project HALO. This donation was acknowledged in email by the Project Director.”

    But the Fox news report quotes Rex Mumea as saying there was “no money left over” for 2009.

    Also, Rex is Quoted as saying “Jeff Enoch Took funds that didn’t belong to him in your name” (“your name” being project Halo)

    Did these funds magically appear, and were donated back in 2009? Did this get resolved by Jeff Enoch returning the funds to Club Cub? Did Jeff Enoch really abscond with these funds? Thank you for your comments Dustin, but there are more unanswered questions.

  15. Here is the response I found on Club Cub .com

    “When it was discovered that Jeff Enochs was soliciting funds and asking for checks to be made out to him personally, he was told that his affiliation with Club Cub was over. It is our opinion that Jeff Enochs, posing as our Treasurer (a position he was never assigned to) solicited donations from various parties, confirmed by him in an email, in the total amount of $3500. Jeff Enochs confirmed these amounts in an email to us on July 8, 2009. These funds were never fully accounted and are not included in the accounting above. Jeff Enochs has claimed (in public) that there was a separate checking account set up for the purpose of collecting funds on our behalf, but to date, the statements from that bank account have not been provided to us as proof.”

  16. As a sponsor for both 2008 and 2009 I provided money to Jeff Enochs for Club Cub as he was the tresurer, so I find it odd that this would all work fine one year and not the next. If he was not the one collecting money then why was he sent my way both years. Also if there was an account set up for Club Cub that was not Jeff’s seperate acocunt, what was it? I too got information from Jeff in 2009 regarding the money that was raised and I can tell you that there was never that much. How much did Dustin and Rex actually use of that money that was raised? Seems that paying for a pool party would be rather expensive since there was free food and beer paid for by ClubCub. I have seen the posting above on the Club Cub site and it all sounds like an attempt again to smear the wrong person. Alot of it I know from dealing with Jeff in a business aspect not to be true. You have to be careful becuase you have just opened yourself to a very big law suit and for one hope that Jeff does persue this course of action. You have really wasted a lot of time trying to make someone else look bad when you have enough to worry about. He after all is not being investigated by the Attorney Generals office or the IRS.
    One other thing, what happened to the $300 dollar donation that Jeff said he gave Dustin and Rex after the event was over becuase they said they could not provide one themselves? If they say they gave a donation, where is the proof? Where is the $300 Jeff gave you that I personally saw?
    Just sounds so fishy that things keep changing..

  17. Oh yeah, I thought that all this was regarding 2010… Jeff was nat a part of 2010, so why did it still go wrong?

  18. Well I guess that latest statement from Rex will force me to respond. The difference is that my response is that it is based in fact. I am not just saying that something happened, I have actual records and documents to prove these things happened.
    Fact number 1, the separate bank account that is in my name has been a main source of interest. This account was created in 2008 and used for that event with no questions before Rex was a part of the Club Cub event. When 2009 came around the board agreed to use it again. On Feb 20 this same account was used by Rex to create the Club cub pay pal account. I have in my bank statement two setup deposits from this transaction. They show as (Pay Pal Des: Verifybank ID) one for 18 cents and one for 7 cents. If I was not authorized to use this account then why do I have Club Cub deposits made by the very people who say I shouldn’t. Also Dustin had a check card to the account for almost a year where he could make any purchase when needed. All four board members had this access. There was never an account setup in Club cubs name with any bank as we wanted to save money on monthly fees.
    Fact number 2, It was stated that neither Rex nor Dustin had any knowledge of what I was collecting in sponsorship or what was in the account at any given time. I provided constant updates every month and if you look at the statement made on the Club Cub site and pasted above, they have already said on June 8 2009 that I had emailed them what they say is the amount. How can you say that I didn’t share any information with you and then say that I did? If you know me and my other organization, we have a meeting every single month to talk about cash in and cash out for over 2 years now..
    Fact number 3, it states that I had raised $3500 dollars and it’s unaccounted for. Here is what we have from sponsors and our start up fund. The $3500 includes the sponsorship, and the tent rental that the Eagle had purchased at Club cubs request. It should not be included in Sponsorship money collected.
    Start up = 400 this includes all bar nights and money raised with Jello shooters.
    Sponsorship = 250
    Sponsorship = 400
    Sponsorship = 100
    Sponsorship = 200
    Sponsorship = 250
    Sponsorship = 250
    Sponsorship = 400
    Sponsorship = 250
    Now if we add all the sponsorships and start up fund together we get $2500 dollars. Where did all that go since we are talking about numbers now? $1500 was given to Dustin and Rex on June 10 2009 the record number on my receipt for that is CC2350500 and it is clearly stated in my receipt that they got this money for the pool party advance payment to the Ramada. That leaves $1000, and $400 of which was returned to the Charlotte Eagle as they demanded sponsorship back due to a breach of contract. I have that in a statement from the Club manager on paper. Now we have $600. These are my expenses for the decorations at the Eagle for that weekend that were purchased early June. $32.02, $70.55, $58.60, $55.58, $19.96, $10.70, $26.20, $21.45, $17.04, $210.00, $25.70, and $8.54. That’s a total of $556.34, leaving $43.30 after the event. We received a refund from the station rental place for $18.00 and add the $0.01 in interest we have $61.31 that was given to Dustin and Rex on Aug 10th to close out the account. I have each receipt for each cost. Rex and Dustin used most of the money raised for the pool party and I was in charge of the decorations at the Eagle just like the year before. I don’t understand why I am still under a microscope when even Dustin said to my face that there was nothing that looked out of the ordinary.
    And finally fact number 4. I was not removed from Club Cub because I was taking checks. I had been doing that for two years and even putting the cash raised at bar nights in that same account, I was removed for questioning how business was being done, and standing up for an agreement we all had made. I didn’t let personal hatred of a bar rule the way the business preformed.
    If anyone has any questions about anything, please contact me. I have personal statements from my sponsors, and from the Charlotte Eagle that what I said above is correct. I have all receipts for everything that was purchased or paid for since I was indeed the treasurer for the second year. People have asked that I post bank statements online; I can’t do that since it is against the privacy law and bank policy. I will however share any information in person. I just hope that this can rest with me since Club Cub is being investigated for dealings done in 2010 with the charity and not 2009. This year was brought up only as a way to take some of the heat off of the board that ran the 2010 event. I hope that I have satisfied any questions.

  19. http://www.facebook.com/ClubCub
    I like how some of the guys who made comments have never even read this. Town Nightclub in DC is continually running their ads. I think that most of us need to send out the message that we will not support anyone doing business with these guys. Be it a bar, bear group etc. Why would anyone reward bad behavior? I will post e-mails of some of the groups that are continually supporting bad behavior

  20. Ever heard of innocent until proven guilty ?

    “Bad Behavior” is not illegal. Why don’t you stop stirring this up until something has been PROVEN ?

    It really sounds like this is starting to venture into some type of personal vendetta instead of a legal matter. Why are you out to ruin their business whether they are guilty or innocent?

    Let the Secretary of State and the IRS do an investigation, and if something is PROVEN, then you can talk about how terrible they are all you want.

  21. Good Afternoon,

    My name is Charger (Nicholas Baatz). I am the promoter for DC Bear Crue, one of the largest Bear Happy Hours on the East Coast. We currently hold Bear Happy Hour @ Town Danceboutique every Friday from 6pm-1-pm in Washington DC, with an average of 400+ Bears a week.

    Until now I have not made any public statements because the investigation has not been completed. I have made the owners of Town Danceboutique aware of this issue.

    I cannot speak for Town Danceboutique but I can speak for DC Bear Crue. In the number of times I have worked professionally with WoofTEASE, having attended Club Cub 2010 as a patron, and my personal interactions with Dustin & Rex, at no time have I experienced anything unethical about their business practices. I will continue to monitor the situation but will NOT debate who is “right or wrong” in an anonymous forum.

    If you have proof that WoofTease or Club Cub have somehow committed a crime then you should turn over that proof to the proper authorities. Accusations are not proof. The truth will come out in court.

    We should be acting as a community to build each other up. Not tear each other down. The way some of you have been handling this brings shame on us all.

    If you have specific concerns you may contact me through the following email.


    I wish you all the best.

    Charger ~ DC Bear Crue

  22. For the record I am not out on a personal vendetta against Dustin/ Rex /Wooftease or Club Cub.If I was I would be on this forum every day. If I ask folks to band together and ask the pertinent questions or ask the guys involved to come forth with answers, I feel I am entitled to. Yes, everyone is innocent until proven guilty. That does not mean we should still do business with those individuals during this process. Do we put an accused thief in a bank to work until he is proven guilty?
    Charger, you mention that we should be acting as a community not tear it down. I agree with you so why not post a few pics on the screens of bear happy hour of kittens and puppies from Project Halo?
    I am also thankful that your experience has been pleasurable with Wooftease/Club Cub folks. Unfortunately from the outpouring on this site you are in the minority. You mention that we should build the community but yet you did not point out how putting on competing events (and not only one or two) is a way to build a better community. They have done that, including against a party during Club Cub 2009 that was a Club Cub sponsored event on their website. I have decided to listen to you and I will not speak in this forum anymore. I just want folks to see that this is not about Dustin and Rex, Wooftease or Club Cub. It’s about doing what you feel is right. If I went to a concert paid money for a ticket understanding that this would benefit a charity, only to find out that after two years of going to said concert, my money was part of a $100 donation! I would be asking the same questions. It’s about NOT sitting down and taking it, because it’s a misunderstanding. Maybe you should put a Project Halo pic on one of the screens for Bear Happy Hour with their website instead of plastering Wooftease all over the place.
    Thanks for the time folks good luck with the fight!

  23. TAKE THEM ALL DOWN, track them down — I heard they were always shady and have stolen other..!

  24. Count me in as part of a group that will not participate with any event or group that does business with WoofTease. Enough has already been seen and proven to question any group that affiliates with them.

    They were confronted on the news and Rex was dumb enough to talk to them. The story he gave on his own accord and words has since changed. Dusting put out a nice plea, but again all lies. Rather than focus on the issues at hand and that Wooftease is accused of they attempt to throw a former treasurer under the bus and blame him for a lack of donation in 2009. That’s bad business practice. Sorry.

    Rex has a long history of criminal charges that date back to Ohio. That has been posted and also proven. This isn’t the first time he behaved in a way that isn’t so “community” focused. That information is already public record and fact.

    It is easy to believe that they did not honor the contract with The Eagle. What has not been said yet is that Dustin was let go from his job there so of course there is a personal vendetta against them. Kudos to the treasure for not letting Dustin’s personal agenda get in the way of honoring a contract.

    Wooftease wants to work as a community. Well that is also a joke. They are the most divisive and full of themselves group. They are attempting to hold Bear Daze right over Tidal Wave Party in Orlando. They decided to hold an event the very same weekend as a well established event to build community? REALLY? They aren’t building community because again they have a personal vendetta against the organizers of Tidal Wave.

    So any group such as Decadant Ducks or Charger from DC Bear Cruise or BOCF or Parliament House are doing themselves harm by affiliating with Wooftease. The facts are here if you want to see them. If you want to be blind you are free to do that as well. But don’t be surprised when vocal people start to protest your events and business dealings as well.
    You partner with divisive shady people with hot tempters and you end up in the same boat they are in. There are plenty of groups out there who refuse to do business with these guys and are better off for it.

  25. I forgot to add that I love how Dustin posts that on his facebook page so he can delete any comments that don’t fall in line with his. What a crook. Then to say we did donate and “without making it public?” If he wants non-profit status it should be public that is the major difference between for profit and non-profit. When your group is under a microscope you DO make it public. Shame on him for counting on the stupidity of others to not ask the tough questions and for him to prove what he says.

    Sorry Dustin you started this at age 23 with the best intentions and then met Rex. You got as greedy as Rex is and partnered with a known criminal. Your not 23 and your not as cute anymore. You can’t just wink and flirt and make this go away because you say so.

  26. I know this is an old issue, and I had hoped by now it would have gone away. I just learned that Wooftease was not allowed at the TBRU vendor fair in March. I don’t normally stand up for a cause but this time enough is enough. I requested a refund, and don’t want to have anything to do with an event, that feels the need to decide for me what I should or should not purchase. If a vendor wants to they should be allowed, then let the participants decide. I have several Wooftease tshirts and I’m sure I’ll buy a few more. I think it’s funny, in just the few lines I’ve written so far, I’ve probably infuriated several people, and blood pressure is boiling. Typical and Sad really!

    In this day and age, seems like we’ve taken some baby steps forward and the future is starting to have a glimmer of hope for the gay population. How can we celebrate DADT and at the same time be bitter queens about stupid shit, that in the grand scheme of things really doesn’t matter. I would challenge some of these people to take some of this negative energy and put it to GOOD use!!

    Let the negative comments begin:

  27. You are a sadbear indeed. No one goes to a bear run based on the vendors present. That’s just laughable. They have actually been banned from plenty of events because their jock auction is also one of their scams. They skim from that pot of money and events see through it. Kudos to TBRU for recognizing it and not having them back. I give credit to bear runs that stand up to these loosers. The organizers decide who vends and who doesn’t. If you don’t like it don’t cry about it like a sissy, just don’t go to the event. I’m sure TBRU will be just fine without you. Most other groups and events are envious of their numbers anyway. Your not going because of this and this has made me want to go, so it’s a wash. But I laugh at a little queen having a hissy fit because their $2 shirt company won’t be there. Order the crap shirts online.

  28. @sadbear – really? your gonna cancel your trip to dallas over a tshirt? loser. Please NOONE is cancelling their trip to TBRU cause a shitty tshirt company wont be there, especially not wooftease.

  29. @sadbear – the only “bitter queen” here is you honey. don’t get it twisted. speaking of “stupid shit” you refer to, your dumbass is cancelling your trip to dallas where over 2000+ bears attend because you can’t buy a crappy tshirt you could get online? don’t bother coming, noone will miss your bitter queen ass. im sure you could fly to north carolina and hang out with the woofcrooks and scam over some more helpless charities.

  30. Sadbear is obviously a douche. Tbru is big on charities and helping the community they shouldn’t allow them back ever.

  31. Sadbear has to be Rex or Dustin because they are the only two who will be sad Wooftease won’t be at TBRU ironing on stolen logo’s to cheap dollar store shirts. The vendor fair will be just fine without their iron running in the corner. TBRU took a huge step for the credibility of their event by joining the events who have banned this crap corrupt company from their event. Hip Hip Horray. I’ll be at TBRU ready to party.

  32. I had a wooftease tshirt burning party yesterday. I encourage everyone to do the same. My partner and I had purchased a bunch of their crap years ago at a couple events, since then the logos have fallen off and the shirts have basically deteriorated in the wash. They have been sitting in a pile in the corner of our closet until yesterday when they were scorched on our back patio over cigars and burgers. good times.

  33. I could eat a bowl of alphabet soup and shit a better rebuttle than everything you can said Rex. This story is just the gift that keeps on giving. Its been like christmas all year since this news was first broadcasted. I hope it NEVER GOES AWAY until every last $2 dollar woofsleaze shirt is ripped, thrown away or burned into a million pieces. When we are through with you Rex, there wont be nothing left.

    It’s not that I hate you Rex, it’s like, uh, let’s put it this way, if you were on fire and I had water, I’d drink the water.

  34. Rex defrauded a charity? This would be shocking or scandalous if it were anyone other than Rex. But to reiterate, it’s Rex. It’s also Thursday.

  35. Had a shirt burning party out here in CA too. I love that this is what pops up when you search Club Cub hope it stays up top in the news so these losers are exposed fro the crooks they are. Loved reading about all of Rex’s prior charges for assault in Ohio. What a hot head and looser. Think I am gonna go to TBRU now.

  36. People make me laugh…I rarely post on websites like this because no matter what you have to say, others will feel the need to lash back at your opinions, and then take it a step too far. Calling someone a bitter queen, or a douche based on an opinion other than your own. Hmmm So guess we all have to agree with woofcrooks, or cub, or ft laudbear because they obviously have to be smarter than all the rest of us. And realitysmack, bitter little queen…sadbear would indicate probably nothing little about him LOL

    part of the fun of replying to this post is just to see which one of your “douches” and “bitter queens” is gonna reply first!!

  37. I love how these Woofsleaze loosers have been totally banned from all of the biggest bear runs. They have been banned from vending at the biggest runs like

    Bear Pride
    Tidal Wave Party Weekend
    Bear Week

    Then a ton of other smaller runs. They have been relegated to selling their iron on shirts at campgrounds. How laughable. Time to give it up.

  38. TBRU has 1,240 registered attendees so far. Yea people are all broken up that Woofslease won’t be there ironing on stupid logo’s to shirts people was once and they fall apart. LMFAO

  39. again I feel the need to laugh…doesn’t matter if TBRU has 10,000 registered attendees, is it really necessary kushchub to be so negative? Maybe if we talked about your business, and bashed you a personal level, or the fact your screen name has the word chub in it…what if I’m a larger man who is offended by that word. People on this site make me laugh, and I enjoy reading comments, we are all allowed to make…then after I’m done laughing, it’s will be my continued pleasure to point out, life is too short to CARE ABOUT STUPID SHIT!! =)

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