The following election guide is offered by qnotes to assist Charlotte readers in making their choices on the ballot for the Nov. 8 general elections. The information is also available to assist voters who might have questions about when and where to vote.

Polling Locations

Polling locations in Charlotte will be open on 6:30 a.m.-7:30 p.m. for the general election on Nov. 8. Click here to look up your voter information, including your polling location. (Note: Some polling locations were changed early this year. You should have received a new voter registration card indicating the new location. If you’re unsure of your voter location, use the look-up tool above and click here for information on relocated precincts in Mecklenburg County.)

Click here for a full election calendar from the Mecklenburg County Board of Elections.

Early Voting

Early voting ends Saturday, Nov. 5. Click here for early voting locations and hours.

Charlotte City Council Endorsements

qnotes has released our endorsements for the Charlotte City Council general election on Nov. 8. Click here to see our endorsements and see below for full candidate responses. (Click here to see our endorsements for the Sept. 13 primary.)

Editorial: Charlotte candidates are friendly, but need education

…Charlotte is moving forward, though the journey continues to look like a long one. Our slow march toward equality is caused by none other than ignorance and a lack of education and a need for broader conversations and dialogue on issues important to LGBT citizens and residents… Several candidates’ answers to our questions were shockingly absent of the understanding we had hoped they might have about our issues. Some seemed not to recognize the importance of an on-the-record vote of the council on an issue like an equal employment ordinance (as opposed to a policy) and one candidate in particular told us she thought federal and state laws already forbade discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity… Click here to read the full editorial…

Candidate Questionnaire Responses

qnotes polled each of the 29 primary and general election candidates for Charlotte City Council this year. We also sent the questionnaire to mayoral candidates Anthony Foxx and Scott Stone. Less than half opted to participate and neither Foxx nor Stone returned their questionnaires. Candidates who did not complete the questionnaire were not eligible for endorsement.

The responses of the 11 candidates who responded in print to our candidate questionnaire are published below.

Candidates endorsed for the general election are indicated with an asterisk (*). Some candidate responses are from those who competed in the primary but who will not be on the general election ballot; those names are stricken, but you can still access their responses.
Linked files below are in .PDF format.

Claire Fallon (D) *
David Howard (D) (i) *
Edwin B. Peacock III (R) (i) *
Alexander G. Vuchnich (L) *
Curtis Watkins (R)

District 1
Patsy Kinsey (D) (i) *

District 2
Cameron Webb Gardner (D)

District 3
LaWana Mayfield (D) *

District 5
John Autry (D) *
Darrell Bonapart (D)
Dennis Peterson (R)

(D) – Democrat. (R) – Republican. (L) – Libertarian. (i) – Incumbent. * – Endorsed.

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