Happy Holidays, kiddies! ’Tis the season for shows and pageants and such. That’s where I’ll start off. I hear I missed the show of shows the Wednesday before Thanksgiving at Scorpio and I am bitter.com! My mother, former Miss America Kerri Nichols, came out after a hiatus and really turned the party, I’m told, and made that “back in the old days” money. I heard girlfriend got paid. She really worked it out. I’m so proud to hear she did well and is doing well in the private life, too. She was joined by two other local entertainment powerhouses — former Miss N.C. U.S.ofA. Dana St. James (who’s coming back for the New Year’s Eve blow-out)and one of the most successful impersonators to come out of SC, Dorae Sierra Saunders. Quite an accomplished and decorated group of illusionists, if I do say so myself!

I have very little pageant tea for you this time, at least on a national level (you know that has always been the scope of this column — always], but I can tell you that Victoria Parker just won a prelim to go back to the National Entertainer of the Year contest in Louisville, Ky. She won Miss Ohio Valley. Former Miss Continental and U.S.ofA. Erika Norrel won Miss Ohio. I’ll bet the kiddies were ga-ga over that gorgeous Miss EOY Bianca Nicole — she is breath-taking, to say the least.

I was just at a new prelim here in Charlotte the other night at Scorpio, Miss East Coast U.S.ofA. It ended up being a fun night out! Essence Iman won and Cassandra Hilton of Charlotte and Ft. Lauderdale was first alternate (who also won Most Beautiful). The other contestant in this close pageant was Macy Alexander. The reigning Miss U.S.ofA., Stasha Sanchez, was in town, of course, and completely turned the place out — how many times could I say flawless? She wore the prettiest pink gown for her crown number and turned me out as she slipped back and changed in seconds before coming out for crowning. When I complimented her on this, she kindly and sweetly reminded me, “Baby, I’m on my job.” And what a fine job you are doing, Miss Sanchez! Other entertainers that evening included former Miss N.C. U.S.ofA. Sierra Nichole, Jamie Monroe and Brooklyn Dior. Even ole Poochie Pinetops and Renee Rollins judged. I got a chance to speak with the emcee, Tiffany Storm, as well as our Miss NC America Detra Panucci and my good sister Kasey King. The reigning Miss Scorpio, Beverly Iman Johnson, also performed a great number and duet with Charlotte Damone.

That evening, I got a chance to hang out with our Mr. N.C. U.S.ofA., Taylor Knight-Addams, whom I dearly love. We chatted about whatever it is that our Tar Heel State lacks as far as pride in pageantry anymore, and, of course the standard that always comes up is the way they do things in Texas. I just love Texas for this reason, of course, but Taylor and I both agreed that out there, all the girls from other cities accompany their sisters to do pageants and make sure they’re Texas right. I commented that in the Lone Star State, even the least queens still had good hair and make-up. It’s a sad commentary on pageantry in many states, not just in my own NC.

I forgot to mention a conversation in the last Rag that I’d had with my good sis Kirby Kolby of Raleigh. She’d had the distinct pleasure of working with and hanging out with the legendary Mr. Chalie Brown of Atlanta a few months back. Kirby and I love drag trivia and marvelled at how Charlie is still making money at entertaining, like a few others still are, and was actually first runner-up to Norma Kristie at the very first Miss Gay America. How many of you knew that tidbit?

Miss NC Unlimited was recently held at Club Cabaret in Hickory. Raven Wood of Greensboro won after taking the Talent and Interview awards. Her RU was Victoria Victors who won the Evening Gown and Sportswear categories. Second RU was Ashley Michaels. Third RU was Kyshia L. Wellington whom I hear did a fantastic job! Hats off to Raven, whom I know will work as hard as her predecessors did.

Many apologies go out to Big Shirli Stevenz — I did not mention her win last time of her latest crown of Miss O’Henry’s in Asheville. Her RU was Cierra Nichole. I hear Biggie broke out a new gown on ’em up there. I’m sure she had on a lovely piece of hair and a stamped mug for the children, too. Congrats are also going out to Malayia Iman who recently won Miss Club Odyssey in Winston-Salem. Her RUs were Victoria Victors and Brittany Ambers Kruz. Paisley Parque recently relinquished her title of Miss Global Glam Plus at Warehouse 29 in Greensboro and her daughter, Eden Parque Divine, took her broom and swept all categories! Get it, Eden! Her RU was Jessica Chanel, who also won Most Beautiful.

In the next Rag, we’ll chat about holiday shows and whom I bump into at parties and, more importantly, some national prelim news. Maybe I can get some more info on this Showtime 8-episode series that the girls from Trantasia are supposed to be working on (if that Tamalah Taylor can ever return an email!) And, maybe, someone will gift Miss Della (who is now a year older as of Dec. 18) a copy of “Pageant” for the late birthday or Christmas and we’ll talk about that, too. Just don’t tell Piggy Parker I still haven’t even seen it yet — she’d drive to Charlotte just to clobber me!

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