qnotes welcomes your comments. In order to maintain the integrity of our online presence, we have instituted the following guidelines to ensure the safety and well-being of those we serve.

Engaging in a healthy dialogue can be enlightening and help to expand one’s understanding of issues and one’s world around them. It is our intent to provide a public forum for our readers to do so. However, we do have rules to follow. They are for the betterment of the interchange of thoughts, ideas and concepts.

1. All comments do not have to go through an approval process to be posted, however they will be moderated for content.

2. Comments may not contain content that is protected under copyright laws unless proper attribution is given. Best standards would be to include a link to the external website where readers may read the entirety of the content.

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4. Defaming an individual, organization or other entity will not be tolerated and the comment will be immediately removed.

5. Use of abusive or disruptive behavior is strictly forbidden. This would include:

  • vulgar/off-color language (and their abbreviations)
  • obscenities
  • harassment
  • threats
  • flaming
  • trolling
  • assuming the identity of another individual
  • blackmail
  • hate speech
  • illegal activity
  • unsubstantiated information
  • use of more than one ID to flood or incite online dialogue
  • personal attacks
  • infringement of others rights to use the QNotes website

6. Use of offensive language or content will not be accepted. This could pertain to comments made that are racist, homophobic, against someone’s religious affiliation or beliefs, sexually explicit in nature, sexist, against the disabled, or anything else that qnotes deems unacceptable and/or objectionable. Links to outside resources that showcase nudity, genitalia, sexual intercourse, and others, will not be permitted.

7. qnotes has the right to bar anyone whose comments become extremist and permanently block the individual from future posts.

8. We will not edit comments. If we deem that they violate any of our guidelines as described here, we do have the right to delete them from the comments section. Remember, with online content, social media outlets and others can recant your comments through their resources. Once in the ether, the world is privy to what has been said. Post thoughtfully.

9. qnotes encourages its commenters to use either one’s real name or a screen name. Anonymous comments are allowed, however.

10. We respect the privacy of our readers and those who choose to post comments. Please, exercise this philosophy when making online comments. Those that “out” or release personal information about another individual will be permanently barred from making future comments and those comments can be removed to ensure the safety and security of those in the community. Those could include: sexual orientation or identity, phone numbers, personal addresses, email addresses, employer, etc. Additionally, sharing someone’s experiences other than your own without written permission, is a direct violation of that person’s right to privacy and will not be tolerated. Examples are: rape, physical or emotional disorders or conditions, personal body issues, and more.

11. If you have personal issues or comments with our website or its content, we welcome your input. Please send those to editor@goqnotes-launch2.newspackstaging.com.